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March 2011 ~ This is the first post on our new ‘Shopper’ – information blog and we hope you will find some useful links and information.

The biggest category (currently) is probably ‘Holidays and Travel’, this is because Travel and Leisure is the mainstay of our principal business which is based in the Algarve region of Portugal, although the products and services on offer are primarily for the benefit of the U.K. resident, traveller and holidaymaker. We welcome general enquires in this category – we have lots of resources – and ideas – which could save you both time and money when it comes to planning and arranging your travel and holiday accommodation.

Other categories will be added to the ‘Shopper’ in the coming months and if you have any preferences we would like to hear from you.

For now ….

Have a great day !   Happy Shopping   and as always … Happy Holidays !

GJH Lesiureworld

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Holiday Accommodation Bargain – July 2013

July 2013 – Vilamoura – Algarve – Portugal.

Fixed dates. One or two weeks in a three bedroom duplex apartment
with two bathrooms – sleeps 6 persons easily.
July 2013 – GBP42 per night (for the apartment, not per person) or GBP40 per night (for the apartment) if you rent both weeks – 14 nights.

For full details click here

Great for a Family Summer Holiday – at a great price.
Don’t miss this offer –
Happy Holidays.

You’ll also find a great – Golfer’s Special Deal in Vilamoura – for November 2013.
Don’t miss it !

If you don’t want to miss any future offers, click-on the link above and let us know; details of our holiday accommodation bargains will be sent to you by email or post before being offered publicly.

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A little bit does you good …

Little and often !
Now and then …
On occasions ..
O.K. whenever you want ..

Chocolate, simple or bestowed lavishly, makes a perfect gift – for anyone and for any occasion. Express your feelings.

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All-new Kindles

What are you waiting for ?

Grab a new Kindle from the Kindle Fire Family

When you’re travelling or off on a well-earned holiday break – don’t forget your Kindle !

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Domain Name For Sale


is for sale

For further information and to make an offer
please click here

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Is it time to get a Mobile Website ?



If you have a business website or operate an appointment-reliant professional practice, perhaps it’s time to consider owning a mobile website. If you don’t you may be missing-out on new business .. and more …

Get Your Mobile Website

Get full details here

It’s clear, more and more people are using their mobile device to access the world-wide-web.

You don’t need to run a business to have a personal mobile website.


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All Mobile …

With hundreds of options available, the mobile phone market is very competitive. New deals come onto the market almost by the hour !

If you want to keep up to date with the newest technology and at the same time get quick access to the offers available from leading manufacturers and networks + deal comparisons + phone reviews + sale-offers and much more  …… you need a reliable and comprehensive source – unless you’ve got-a-lot-of time on your hands, in which case ‘get surfing’ – you’ll find it here

Save Time – Save Money.


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Watches go retro …


A great selection of retro style designer watches for men and women – at great prices, from ebay UK:








Sorry, no items were found to display. That could mean that these items are currently not available or that there is a temporary problem.

You could try checking later, or go and search eBay directly for ‘Watches go retro …‘.


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Car Hire – Worldwide

Wherever you intend to holiday this (or next) year; maybe a day-trip across the channel or a long business journey. If you need car hire, you’ll find this resource very useful.

Enter the basic details and you’ll be presented with a wide range of car types and as much information as you require to help you make your choice. The prices are extremely competitive and you’ll find the Booking procedure very easy to complete.

Find the right car at the right price here

Travel in style ………

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Fed-up of airports ?

Try sailing to the continent  from England ….

Dover to Calais – just a 90 minute journey; for a days’ shopping or holiday break. It’s easy, relax and enjoy the journey. View information here
(also for Hull to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge – click-on ‘routes’)

Hull to Rotterdam – night sailings on a luxury cruise ferry. Good food and ensuite cabins. Sleep well before exploring northern Europe and perhaps beyond.

Hull to Zeebrugge – over night service departing every day. The ferry takes you straight to the motorway connections of Belgium. Brugges is only a few miles away – a ‘must visit’ for chocolate lovers !


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Take a break …

Got a few minutes to spare ?

Work this one out ….

Tower of Hanoi – play it here



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